Fish Care

I use to purchase almost all of my daily needs for my fish tank. Clicking on the links below will take you away from Florida Orchid Endler’s and to where you can complete your purchase. Please note that I am not being reimbursed by the manufacturer for advertising these items. I trust and love these products and want to be sure you have the same healthy fish I do!

Water Treatments

All of the items below are made by Seachem Laboratories. In my years of fish-keeping, I have found none better than these!

Water Conditioner
Emergency Ammonia Removal
General Antiseptic & Healing Ointment


Links to my favorite filtration systems and their accessories, plus Seachem Purigen as a secret weapon!

Aquaclear Filters & Accessories
Fluval Filters & Accessories
Seachem Purigen for Filtration


Any fish-keeper needs these items to make sure all is well in the tank!

Freshwater Test Kit
Floating Thermometer with Suction Cup
Submersible Heaters


Not necessary, but these goodies definitely help cut down on labor and give you more time to enjoy your tank and fish.

Bucketless Water Changing
Floating Glass Cleaner

Since I have Amazon Prime membership, shipping on all of these items is free and they arrive at my door within two or three days. If you decide to purchase any of the products listed above, I will receive a tiny monetary compensation (but my opinions are entirely my own!) 

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Thankfully, Class-N Endler’s livebearers are very hardy; they can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and conditions so long as there are no sudden and drastic changes. Good water maintenance and tank stability are the key to any healthy microcosm! I am always happy to help ensure your Class-N Endler’s Livebearers get the best new home, so don’t be shy about contacting me with questions or concerns regarding your new fish.