Green Leaf Aquarium Regulator

Good day to all my fish-folks out there! I’m just checking in to show you my newest piece of tank gear: my Green Leaf Aquarium Pro-1 CO2 Regulator. This gorgeous piece of equipment is what helps my tank stay lush and green and provides the perfect, planted tank as a mansion for my Orchid Endler’s Livebearers. Just as important, the high quality construction makes sure that nothing goes awry, and the piece itself is backed by a 6-year warranty.

First off, this gorgeous regulator came direct from Green Leaf Aquarium’s website. While a bit more expensive than some of the other CO2 regulators out there, I feel the extra cost is entirely justified due to the extremely well-made frame, the customer service, and the fact that it is made and tested here in America. Shipping is nominal (I chose the USPS without any damage to the item) and they pack the regulator well enough to guard against mishandled boxes.

I made a few short videos outlining my wonderful investment, and I hope you’ll enjoy them!